What Is LibreOffice Writer?

LibreOffice Writer is part of the LibreOffice software package that come from forking of OpenOffice.org Writer. LibreOffice Writer is a word processor software that have similiarities with Microsoft Word, Corel’s WordPerfect, AbiWord, KWord, StarOffice Writer, Lotus Word Pro, Atlantis Word Processor, and many more. LibreOffice Writer was released under LGPL License and can be used across a variety of platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X, and Unix. What kind of features provided by LibreOffice Writer?
LibreOffice Writer could open and save documents in many formats such as Open Document Format 1.2 Extended (default), Microsoft Word’s DOC, DOCX, RTF, XHTML, WordPerfect, SXW, UOF, etc. LibreOffice Writer provides a lot of features, such as:

  • the ability to export to PDF format
  • change tracking while revisions
  • native text rendering which greatly improves readibility
  • drawing tools
  • Page-layouts, such as frames, columns, and tables
  • simple native dialog
  • Support Color and line styles for the columns and footnote separator lines, improving the capability of LibreOffice with ODF
  • template and styles
  • grouping a collection of documents into a single document
  • the inclusion of a word completion mechanism for predictive writing
  • importing and editing PDF files
  • bibliography database system
  • autoComplete
  • drawing tools
  • grammar checker
  • equation editor (LibreOffice Math)
  • Scriptable and Remote Controlable via the UNO API
  • indexing
  • simple native dialog
  • autoCorrect
  • mailmerge

LibreOffice Writer have a lot of functionality that compete with comercial propietary word processor, even LibreOffice Writer better in many ways then comercial ones. Let’s try it, and feel the different.

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