What is Libreoffice?

You may use a free office application recently, and you have already familiar with OpenOffice since it was the leading free office application. But now there are a new free office other than OpenOffice, LibreOffice. Some linux distros already bundled LibreOffice defaultly (such as Ubuntu, etc.) replacing OpenOffice. You may still confuse between OpenOffice and LibreOffice. What’s going on with both of them? Ok, don’t worry about that, this article will try to reveal it.

OpenOffice formerly developed from StarOffice in the last 1990s. OpenOffice had been maintained for the development by Sun Microsystem as an open source project. When Oracle takeover Sun, many developer not sure about the future of the OpenOffice, will OpenOffice still in free software?. OpenOffice developers take action by defecting from the project because of this situation.

OpenOffice developers then compose a new free office suite that we call now LibreOffice. LibreOffice is developed from OpenOffice code and maintained by a non profit organization that have a name Document Foundation. There were no big distinction between Libreoffice and OpenOffice, LibreOffice even reads and writes OpenOffice OpenDocument file formats. LibreOffice and OpenOffice have different in the development team, LibreOffice is maintaned by a fully community-driven way, and OpenOffice maintained by Oracle.

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