Tips and Trick for Buying Used Laptop

Used laptop is another solution for limited budged computing. Using used laptop could cut the expends and the remaining could be used to another investment. We should be careful in buying used laptop, so we could get a laptop that we want in a best condition. Here are some point that you should notice before you bring back your used laptop to your home:

1. Try to buy at the store
If you buy from the owner of the laptop, you should identify the person. If there are problems on your laptop later, you could ask for confirmation to the owner. You should also ask for password for the system from the previous owner.

2. Specify the fund according to your budget
The used laptop prices are vary, it could depend on the release year, the condition, and the limitless of the used laptop (some laptop types are sold in limited edition, so it make rare on the public).

3. Check the battery condition.
You should ask to turn on the laptop and wait a while until it is enough to recognize battery life. Some time if you find that the battery only last less than an hour then the laptop was not in good condition, you can bid lower.

4. Check the completeness of the laptop
You should check for the completeness of the laptop charger, CD driver, manual, and other components. Make sure that everything is still complete. If not, you should not have purchased, because it can be troublesome on the next time and you will not be able to use your laptop perfectly

5. Note the specification
You should notice the type of the processor, the amount of memory, the type of graphics card, the amount of harddisk capacity, and others.

6. Be careful with the LCD screen
When you buy a used laptop, you should make some observation to the LCD screen, are there a lot of dead pixel point or not. If you find a lot of dead pixel points, it will decrease the quality of the laptop

7. Warranty
There are usually used laptop warranty from the store, it is about a month. If there is a problem and still within the warranty time, you can bring your laptop back to the store

8. See the contents of the systems
If it still going well or many errors. If your laptop have a problematic operating system, reinstall it in the shop concerned.

Thanks for visiting and happy hunting used laptop, and I hope you’ll get the best one, enjoy.