The Secrets of the difference of OpenSSH, SSH protocol and SSH Communications Security

Hey guys, a view a days ago I met some nice discussion about SSH in an online forum. That moment drive me to search for the difference of OpenSSH, SSH protocol and SSH communications Security. How about you guys? do you have some moments that drive you to want to know about SSH protocol, OpenSSH and SSH Communications Security? Okey guys, I will try to present the result of my searching activity in this posting in order to be my self documentation and may be useful for other peoples.

  • SSH protocol means a set of digital rules system in order to exchange message within or between computers (through a computer networks) in Cryptographic condition for securing the data communication, remote login and command execution also secure network services for two or more computers as a client server through a secure channel via an insecure network. The SSH protocol is open (
  • OpenSSH is a set of computer software (programs) that was developed from the last open source license release of the commercial SSH. OpenSSH maintained by the developers of OpenBSD Operating System. OpenSSH was developed and forked by OpenBSD developer from SSH 1.2.12 (the last completely free license except for some code that contain RSA patent but although RSA patent ended in year 2000) of Bjoern Groenvall a Swedish programmer. The Groenvall’s version (called OSSH) still have been being maintained and available now. OpenSSH is now available to the most Operating System such as BSD Unix family, linux, Mac OS, Windows family, etc. OpenSSH become the most popular implementation of SSH. The good news is OpenSSH now supports the SSH protocol both 1.x and 2.0.
  • SSH Communications Security was a commercial company that founded by Tatu Ylonen the original SSH software designer/inventor. SSH Communications Security was founded in 1995. This was the start point of the tight era of the SSH licensing to protect the corporation’s assets.

By using secure shell, our packet data will be encrypted before passed through the internet. What will happen if our packet data didn’t be encrypted? Our packet data will be easily read by someone else in the internet. Some sensitive data such as username and password will be very danger if transferred through internet as a plain text. Someone else will be easily capture the data and read it and finally they will be able to login using your username and password. The other sensitive data such as secret email also should be encrypted before send through internet if you want other people could not read your secret email. It’s better for you to encrypt your data when it will passed through internet so your privacy will be secured. OpenSSH give you a free solution for your secure connections. So guys I hope you understand about the important of securing your connectivity through internet.

Thank you for reading this post guys, I hope will give you valuable resource for your productivity activities. After you read this post, I suggest you to read further texts about the SSH protocol, OpenSSH and SSH Communication Security on their original authority documents. This post just help you and me to give a little glimpse of understanding about them. Enjoy your day guys and warm greets from me to you.