How to Use Thesaurus on LibreOffice Writer

Are there thesaurus on the free wordprocessor such as LibreOffice Writer? Yes of course, are you sure? Just see the following guidance on how to activate the thesaurus on LibreOffice Writer.

How to Change Measurement Units in LibreOffice Writer

The default measurement units in LibreOffice Writer is in inch, but in some case you may want to change it into another measurement units other than inch (millimeter, centimeter, pica, point). So how to change it? just follow the steps bellow.

What is Libreoffice?

You may use a free office application recently, and you have already familiar with OpenOffice since it was the leading free office application. But now there are a new free office other than OpenOffice, LibreOffice. Some linux distros already bundled LibreOffice defaultly (such as Ubuntu, etc.) replacing OpenOffice. You may still confuse between OpenOffice and ...

How to Add Google Map Layer on Quantum GIS Using Google Layers Plugin

In some cases, we want to add google map layer to our GIS project. We could add directly google map layer into our GIS project using Quantum GIS (QGIS) by Google Layers plugin. Using this plugin, we could add Google layer including: Road Map, Mobile Map, Terrain Map, Satellite, and Hybrid. The layer that is ...

Quantum GIS, A Free Software For Your Geospatial Project (An Introduction)

When you need a software to analyse your geospatial data using GIS (Geographic Information System) but you don’t have enough budget to buy some licenses of GIS software, don’t give up. You still have a chance to accomplish your project. You could use Quantum GIS (QGIS), a powerful and user friendly Open Source Geographic Information ...