Strengthening Wireless Router Signal

A lot of wireless router has the broadcast range of 100 feet or more. Unfortunately, the broadcast range of the wireless router is affected by some factors, and this factors could reduce the signal strength. Some factors that could disturb the wireless router signal’s strength are metal block, other signals from other electronic devices that use wireless frequencies like cell phones and microwave ovens. But you still could optimize your wireless router signals by the following steps:

First step, Check the interference

  1. Move far away for your devices that could make interference with 2.4 GHz frequency band (cordless phones, microwave ovens, etc.)
  2. Check the wireless router’s signal strength by turning on and off the device that suspected for the signal interference
  3. Use a wireless network analyzer to find out the source of interference

Second step, Change your signal channel

  1. Change the channel of your router for a clean signal between wireless networks that exist. Router can broadcast on several series of channels, from one to eleven.
  2. Use the network analyzing software for knowing the crowded channel and the desolate channel so you could choose a better channel
  3. Set your system to use an unused channel

Third step, Change your router position

  1. Place your wireless router as high as possible to improve the effectiveness of distance broadcasts
  2. If you use wireless router for your daily activity at your house, put your wireless router in the middle of the house or room for a wider range
  3. Put your wireless router as close as to the receiver
  4. Keep away your wireless router from metal goods including metal shelving, filling cabinets and similar items
  5. Keep away your wireless router from devices like mobile phones (cell phones), cordless phones, microwaves, which operate at 2.4 GHz frequency
  6. Keep far away your wireless router from other wireless router (or all of the devices that operate at 2.4 GHz frequency) and obviously you should make sure you use a different channel from other wireless (Wi-Fi) devices

Fourth step, Increase your device transmit power

Check your wireless router documentation and configuration utility to change the limit of your wireless router power: the amount of power used to transmit signals. Generally you can increase this figure to over 50 mW. But beware with the risk of overheating that could damage your router

Fifth step, Replace your wireless router antennas

Replace your wireless router broadcast antenna with a model that provide more power. Not all of the wireless router antenna could be replaced, but most of them could be replaced

Sixth step, Install the repeater

Repeater is a hardware device that served as an extender of wireless network. Repeater takes the signal from your wireless router and pushes the signal to increase the distance.

Seventh step, Install the wireless amplifiers

Your wireless router could be equipped by wireless amplifier (also known as booster). A booster can be more effective than repeater which only increase the signal strength that already exists rather than increase the distance.

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