Removing Hidden Personal Data Information from Files Using Windows 7

Here is a new security feature of windows 7. Whit this kind of feature, you could remove meta data or hidden personal information from files (doc, images, etc.) without using third party tools. When you create a word document or taking a picture, it will also create hidden personal information like cameras record data about when the picture was taken and what camera was used, or author or company information, network server, etc. to the documents or spreadsheets. This is hidden personal information, and anyone can easily find it. Some people for security reasons would not want to share the data with others. Using windows 7, you could eliminate this kind of personal information of unwanted metadata from your file easily. Follow some steps below:

  1. Select one or more files in windows explorer
  2. Right click the file and click Properties
  3. Go to the Details tab and click Remove Properties and Personal Information

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