Pasword Protection in LibreOffice Writer Document

You may need to protect your document when you use LibreOffice writer for writing or editing your documents. LibreOffice writer provides two level security for your document, read-protect (You cannot view the document without a password) and write-protect (You can view the document in read-only mode and you cannot change it without a password). Thus your document can be available for reading by a group of people and for reading and editing by a different group. This feature is compatible with Microsoft Word file protection. How to perform such kind of feature? read the following steps:

  • On the menu list, choose File then choose Save As to save the document. (You may also choose File then choose Save for the first time you save a new document).
  • Select the Save with password option, and then click Save on the Save As dialog box
  • There will be appear the Set Password dialog box and you will face several choices (1) To read-protect the document, type a password in the two fields at the top of the dialog box, (2) To write-protect the document, choose the More Options button and select the Open file read-only checkbox, (3) To write-protect the document but allow selected people to edit it, select the Open file read-only checkbox and type a password in the two boxes at the bottom of the dialog box
  • Click OK to save the file. If the pair of passwords do not match, you will receive an error message. Close the message box to return to the Set Password dialog box after that enter the password once more time.
    You may change the password for your document by choosing File –> Properties –> General after that click the Change Password button.

Becarefull with your password, because LibreOffice uses a very strong password encryption, and it’s mean almost hard to recover the contents of your document if you forget your password.

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