LibreOffice in Android

Welcome to, Is there any LibreOffice release for android?, you may ask something like that. There are still no official LibreOffice release for android platform. If you want to try you could use daily builds of LibreOffice here. But remember, these are only for testing builds and don’t use it in purpose of production. The testing build of LibreOffice may have a lot of broken feature than working. Another LibreOffice relating application in android market is Android Impress Remote that have correlation with LibreOffice Impress. The Android Impress Remote is an application for supporting LibreOffice Impress in order to be controlled remotely from android gadget.

A lot of people may wait for the releasing of LibreOffice in android platform. But unfortunately the development of the LibreOffice porting project to android platform has a trouble. The trouble is lack of developers working for the porting project. If there were a lot of developer who work for the LibreOffice porting project, as soon ass possible the LibreOffice will officially release for android platforms. Do you have any skill in mobile programming project? we encourage you to help the LibreOffice porting project.

For further information about the development of LibreOffice for android you could go to official wiki documents project for the LibreOffice on Android platform.

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