How to Take Backup of Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

This article will explain about how to take backup of bookmarks in mozilla firefox. Recently I like to use Firefox as my browser to browse the internet. Yes of course it is just a matter of choice and a flavor you like. And I also really like to make a lot of bookmark for an interesting website or a website that I think I will need it on the next time. But unfortunately the problem come when I upgrade my firefox browser to the new release one. I want to bring my previous bookmarks to my new firefox.

But now that’s not mean a big deal any more. I’ve known on how to take back up of bookmarks in mozilla firefox. So when I install the most up date new release of mozilla firefox, I still can meet up with my precious bookmarks. Ok guys, here you are on how to back up bookmarks in mozilla firefox:

  1. From menu bar, choose Bookmarks then choose Show All Bookmarks. Or you can use a shortcut by using combination keys of Ctrl + Shift + B
  1. The Library windows will be opened.
  1. choose/click Import and Backup
  1. for easy way, you can chose Export Bookmarks to HTML… by choosing this options, you will get a html file that you can use it as your back up file of your bookmarks.

You’ve already had a html files for the back up of your bookmarks. And now how to restore it in a new installation of mozilla firefox?

  1. choose/click Import and Backup at your new installation of mozilla firefox (you can follow the instruction above to get this step)
  1. choose/click Import Bookmarks from HTML…
  1. choose/click html file of your bookmarks back up of your previous version of firefox
  1. congratulations, now your precious bookmarks already in their place and ready to use

happy internet browsing and have a nice day guys!