How to Show Text Boundaries in LibreOffice 3.5.4

In the LibreOffice writer version 3.5.4 you may not see the text boundaries unlike many version before. In LibreOffice 3.5.4 there is no boundary line around the area where you type but there seems only L shaped mark at the corner of the page. You may feel uncomfortable with this situation. For some people, text boundaries help them to guide for editing the alignment of the left and right side of the text. Some people in LibreOffice project said that in the branch (v.5.x), it is like that. A fix is already in place in the v.6.x branch under development. If you want such kind of border and don’t want to wait the next version of LibreOffice, try the following steps:

  1. Open a new writer document
  2. Open the Styles and Formatting menu using the F11 key. Or you could use drop down menu by clicking Format –> Styles and Formatting
  3. Click the Page Styles icon (fourth icon from the left) to get the list of Page styles
  4. Right click Default in the list and select new from the context menu
  5. Enter a name for the new page style (you could give a name whatever you like, such as “My favorite pagestyle” (without quote))
  6. Click the Borders tab
  7. In the Line arrangement section, choose by clicking the second icon from left, this would create a four-sided border like text boundaries in previous version of LibreOffice default page style
  8. Select the color, for the same text boundaries like the previous version of LibreOffice writer, you could choose gray 10% in the drop-down color list
  9. Click OK
  10. Double click the name of your new page style to apply it to the page
  11. click the Save icon
  12. Give a name to the document, such as “My favorite template” (without quote)
  13. Change the File type to “ODF Text Document Template (.ott)
  14. Save the file in the place of folder wherever you like
  15. Open the Templates Management dialog by clicking File –> Templates –> organize
  16. Right click “My Templates” in the list on the left
  17. Select “Import templates
  18. Browse to your template folder, click it to highlight it and then click Open (The “My Templates” has already opened and your template is listed in it)
  19. Right click your template and select ‘Set As Default Template
  20. Click Close

Now every time you open a new text document, you will be given the text boundaries just like many version of LibreOffice writer before. And the next case, you may want to remove this text boundaries, double click Default in the list of Page Styles or Right click your page style, select Modify, click the Borders tab, click the the first icon under the Default to remove all of the borders and click OK. I hope this will help to overcome your problem. Happy writing!

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