How to Select Text Using Left Click Mouse and Paste Text Using Right Click Mouse in Windows Command Prompt

Hello guys, in this post We will show you another tip and trick to easily copy and paste in the Windows Command Prompt Terminal. By using this trick, you will be able to copy and paste the text to other place (to text editor such as Notepad, Vim, etc.) or from other place to Windows Command Prompt Terminal using mouse (We hope that you also read our previous blog post about copying text from Windows Command Prompt over here, here and here so you will also know the other trick). You will need this trick when you dealing with Windows Command Prompt. This trick will allow you to copy and paste MS-DOS text using the mouse. You may need this trick because you used to use mouse in your daily activity in editing texts and you feel hard to leave the mouse although in the command prompt environment. The default mode of the Windows Command Prompt didn’t use mouse to copy and paste and editing the text in it. But don’t worry and be happy because you still could use mouse in the editing process in the Windows Command Prompt environment. This trick need you to enable QuickEdit mode in the Windows Command Prompt Options. The QuickEdit Mode was disabled in the default configuration, so you need to enable it before you use this trick. The following text will guide you to enable it:

  1. Click mouse right click on the title bar of the Windows Command Prompt
  2. Choose Properties
  3. Choose Options menu
  4. Select/Check QuickEdit Mode (until the check symbol appears). The QuickEdit Mode was under the Edit Options

Now you could paste to the Windows Command Prompt using right click of the mouse. Of course you also could select texts in the Windows Command Prompt using left click and hold of the mouse then copy them by clicking the right mouse button or by hitting enter, then paste them to other place (Notepad, Vim, Wordpad, Microsoft Windows Office Word, LibreOffice Writer, etc.). If you use Windows 7, the QuickEdit mode configuration will be saved automatically so you don’t need to configure it again when you open Windows command Prompt in the next occasions. But if you use Windows version before Windows 7 this will not be saved automatically. If you want Windows Command Prompt will always use QuickEdit mode when you open it (in the Older Windows version), you could configure it by editing it in Registry Editor. Go to Registry Editor (regedit), select HKEY_CURRENT_USER Console and Change QuictEdit key’s value to 1. This trick will make QuickEdit mode permanently in the older Windows Operating System version.

Some people very avoid to use Windows Command Prompt and try another way to configure their Windows. I think it’s better to know little about Windows command Prompt than nothing. By familiar with Windows Command Prompt console, we will not strange and easily use another system such as Linux, BSD family (OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, etc.), Apple Mac OS, UNIX, and other Operating System. If we have a lot of computing skill, we will survive in the jungle of technology. Thank you for your coming to We try to give the best posting for your need on the technological articles.