How to Save Web HTML as PDF Without Plugin in Google Chrome

If you are avid in browsing and searching some information on internet you may encounter  some problem such as how to archive your browsing result in a good manner and you will be easy to find and get it again when you need it. One of the easy way is to save your browsing result is as PDF file. PDF file will give you a lot of  benefit than you save your browsing data using html. There are many ways to save web html to PDF file such as using web browser plugin or extension, using convert to PDF online tools, or download the web html to desktop then convert it using a convert software or open the html file using any wordprocessor (microsoft office word, libreoffice writer, etc.) software then save as PDF. But all of this methods will take a lot of steps. Another method to save web html file to PDF is using built in Google Chrome facility to perform it. How to save web html as PDF without plugin in Google Chrome? here you are the trick:

  1. Open your target web using Google Chrome
  2. Click the button that locate at top right corner of Google Chrome beside address bar to show the Google Chrome menu
  3. Chose Print…
  4. Another way to show print menu is by using keyboar shortcut such as pressing Ctrl + P
  5. On the print menu windows, on the Destination section click Change… button then chose/click Save as PDF option
  6. On the Pages section you could click on the radio button on the All option if you want to print entire page or click another radio button if you want to print specific page by entering page number that you want to print
  7. On the Layout section you could chose potrait or landscape mode of your document
  8. On the Margin  section you could choose Default, None, Minimum, or Custom. If you want to specify your own margin, you could chose Custom
  9. On the Option section, if you want to include default header (the information of what date the document is printed and the title/name of the html file) you could click the button to check it or you could uncheck it to not include the default header
  10. If you already sure with all of the option, you could click Save button or you could click Cancel button if you want to cancel the process.
  11. The saving/printing to PDF file process is completed, now you could open the PDF result file. The location of the PDF result file is at your download or saving file location or your web browser.

Saving web html as PDF using this method have a little disadvantage such as for web html using particular complex format, the PDF result will not be 100% same with the web html source. This method may suitable for saving or converting a simple web html format or if you want just read the text of the web html for your own reference and ignoring the original formatting.

I hope this post will give you some valuable information and will increase your productive activity. Thanks for visiting, and have a nice day…