How to Save the Result of Windows Command Prompt’s Command to File

Have you read our previous post about how to copy texts from command prompt screen?. This post have a correlation with the previous post. This post will show you another trick to copy and save the result of Command Prompt Screen to a file. This trick will directly save the result of the commands to a file. Such as if we want to execute ipconfig command to know our computer’s IP. We could directly save the result of the ipconfig command in a file by inserting > character after the command and then followed by a file name to save the result.


ipconfig > ip.txt then press Enter

This command will make a file named ip.txt that contain the output result of ipconfig command

To add another information with in the same output file, we could add > character twice so it will become >> such as for example for the second command is ipconfig /all and we still want to add the result of the command in ip.txt file, so the command will be like this:

ipconfig /all >> ip.txt then press Enter

To open the txt file result we could use text editor (Notepad, Vi, Vim, etc.) or word precessor (Microsoft Word, Libre Office Writer, Abiword, etc.)

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