How to Remove Hyperlink Underlines in LibreOffice Writer

The internet give us a chance to get a lot of many documents, and the majority of the documents are in html format. The problem arise when we want to save them as a document format (odt, doc, docx, etc.). When we save a document file from html format to LibreOffice Writer, the links become underlined and the color become blue. How to make them become a normal like the other text without having to manually remove the underlines yourself? here are the tricks:

If you want to remove all hyperlinks in your document:

  • Select all your text using your mouse (holding left click and drag to the selecting text) or using keyboard (holding Shift key and pres navigation key to the selecting text), or just press Ctrl A

  • Press right click of your mouse

  • Chose Remove Hyperlink

You also could turn off the URL Recognition by:

  • Click Tools

  • Click AutoCorrect Options

  • Select Options tab

  • Uncheck/unmark URL Recognition. There are two check box in front of URL Recognition in LibreOffice Writer, the check box in the first coloumn is for next/later post-editing and the check box in the second column is for AutoCorrect as you type

Ok, happy editing your document, and always be productive. Warm greet from as always.