How to Overcome a Totally Dead Laptop or Notebook

You are encountering that your laptop or notebook totally dead, what do you do if something like that happen to you?. Don’t be panic, if the laptop or notebook was dead (no reaction on the Laptop or notebook LCD monitor), it still could be divide in to two case, the laptop is totally dead or the laptop is alive but there were no appearance on the laptop or notebook LCD monitor. If the laptop or notebook is totally dead, here are some tips and tricks to overcome such kind of problem:

You could direct your mind to start from laptop or notebook electric adapter.

  • Try to give electricity to your laptop by plugging your laptop electric adapter to electric source (such as electric stop contact on the wall) and press the power button on your laptop or notebook but there were not some signs that your laptop or notebook was alive (the LEDs do not produce light, the fans do not rotate, the LCD monitor was blank and black, etc), and your laptop or notebook totally dead.
  • Make sure the electric source (such as electric stop contact on the wall) produce optimal electric and your electric adapter get electric power from it. The simple way is by plugging your laptop electric adapter to other electric stop contact.
  • Make sure that your laptop electric adapter in a good condition. The simple way is by plugging another laptop electric adapter (you could lend from your friends, your family, etc.). The complex way is by checking your laptop electric adapter using voltmeter, and make sure the voltage output value is right. If the adapter was broken (out of order), you could buy a new one, but make sure the output voltage of your new adapter is equal with your original adapter. The ampere value of the new adapter could be equal or higher than your original adapter.
  • The laptop still dead, there may some problem with your laptop motherboard or some problem with DC (Direct Current) jack on the motherboard. There were some probability that the DC jack was broken (out of order) and the motherboard did not get electric supply from the adapter. For this case, if you have enough skill, you could disassembly your laptop and replace the DC jack with the new one. Or you could bring your laptop to the professional laptop reparation.

Ok, don’t give up, there were always some way to overcome your problems. Great warm greet from me as always.