How to Overcome a Living Laptop or Notebook but its LCD Monitor Screen is Blank

Laptop or notebook now become primary stuff for a lot of people in this world. Laptop or notebook and all of their variant offering a light and simple solution for high mobility people. But sometime there are some problem with the laptop or notebook. It’s better for us to have some basic skill for overcoming some laptop or notebook problems. So, when your work need to be accomplished as soon as possible but your laptop or notebook have some trouble, you will not get panic and stress. What kind of problem that some people may encounter on their laptop or notebook? Here you are some tips and tricks to overcome the living laptop or notebook but it’s LCD monitor screen is blank :

The case is, the laptop or notebook is on (live) but the LCD monitor is blank. When you plug your DC power supply to the electric source, and the laptop or notebook start to make some normal noise, the led indicators is flaring, but there are no something appear on the LCD monitor.

  • First of all, take a look closer to the LCD monitor under a bright light (like a flashlight light), there are possibility that there are still an appearance on the LCD monitor but it was very obscure.
  • Let’s try to plug an external monitor and wait a little moment, if there were no appearance so try to press Fn and F4 simultaneously on HP (Hewlett-Packard) laptop or notebook, Fn and F5 on Toshiba and Acer, Fn and F7 on IBM laptop or notebook (or try to see the sign on your F (Function) key of your own laptop or notebook keyboard that if you press it, it will show your monitor to external monitor or LCD projector, because the differentiation between laptops have their own key combination).
  • If the external monitor work well but the internal LCD monitor do not work well, so your problems are related with your laptop LCD monitor or the internal video cable. So make sure the video cable connect perfectly to the motherboard and LCD monitor, if you have the skill, try to open your laptop and fix the cable connection .
  • If you are not sure with your laptop disassemble skill, bring your laptop to the authorize technician.

The following tips and tricks need high disassemble and assemble skill, so if you don’t have enough skill, don’t follow them!

  • If your laptop make a normal sign (make some normal noise, the led indicators is flaring, etc.) and you already take a closer look to your LCD monitor but there are no appearance at all, so the problem is not related with your laptop LCD monitor or the internal video cable.
  • Based on some other people experience, the problem is correlated with the RAM (Random Access Memory). So, try to open the RAM module and unplug then plug it again to the slots, The memory may not plug perfectly to the slot.
  • You also could clean the memory slot using pencil eraser or others.
  • You also could move the RAM module from the previous slot to another slot.
  • Or, if you have a better reserve RAM module (or the new one), try to plug it to the slot, because your current RAM module was broken (not functioning properly).
  • If you have two RAM module installed, you could try to unplug one by one and press your laptop power button, or try to plug your different RAM module to the different slot.

If the RAM module testing do not show a good result, so we try to test to another location to diagnose if there are some problem at other components (peripherals).

So you need to unplug the peripherals (battery, hard drive, DVD drive, LCD monitor (use external monitor when you unplug the internal LCD monitor), wireless card, wireless modem, and keyboard) one by one and press the power button.

If there still problem with the laptop, try to release the mainboard from its place and test with minimum component (peripherals) and use external monitor.

If the cooling fan is working normally but there still no appearance on the monitor, so the problem is on VGA chip or the main board is broken. Continue with replacing the VGA chip.

Ok, that were some tips and tricks to overcome the living laptop or notebook but it’s LCD monitor screen is blank, but how if the laptop totally dead? here are my posting about some tips and tricks to overcome such problem.

Happy to do some productive activities with your laptop or notebook. Great warm greet from me as always.