How to Open Command Prompt Terminal Using Mouse Right Click on the Desktop and Directory

We often use Run menu (Win key + R or Start menu on the task bar) then type Command or cmd then press Enter to open Command Prompt Terminal. Let me give you another trick to open Command Prompt Terminal. After you read this post you will have a bunch of tricks to open Windows Command Prompt Terminal. The benefit of opening Command Prompt on the folder we could directly open Command Prompt with the folder as active directory. If we open the Command Prompt by right click at somewhere on the desktop, the active directory on Command Prompt will be the desktop folder. Ok, here you are guys, let’s enjoy it the step by step tutorial:

  1. Press and hold Shift key on the keyboard
  2. Right click at somewhere on the desktop area or on the folder that you want to open it on Command Prompt (still hold the Shift key on the keyboard)
  3. Click/choose (left click) the Open command windows here option
  4. Congratulations, now the Command Prompt Terminal window will open in front of us

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