How to Listen to the Cellphone FM Radio without Headset

FM radio become one of an alternative entertainment, although its existence has been already defeated by other media (online Radio, television, etc.). Some cellphone product still include FM radio in it. You could make the best use of FM radio in your cellphone as your frugal entertainment or as your source of local information of your town. Unfortunately, some cellphone need to be plugged by headset to activate the FM radio in it. The headset as an audio instrument and as an antenna for catching the radio frequency. The problem that may occur such as the vendor sell the cellphone and the headsets separately, the cellphone and the headset were packed together but unfortunately the headset was lost. How to turn on your radio without headset? here you are the frugal solution,

Be careful!, try this trick with your own risk, I don’t give any guaranty with the success or fail in applying this trick and any damage with your cellphone. When you sure with the risk, here are the trick:

  1. Go to your kitchen and try to find aluminium foil (may almost used for wrapping your daily food).
  2. Cut the sheet of aluminium foil and roll up the aluminium foil and at the end of the rolled sheet make it fit with the headset jack hole at the cellphone.
  3. Penetrate the hole of the headset jack with the tip of the rolled aluminium and arrange the place the tip of the rolled aluminium in the hole jack till the cellphone detect the headset jack existence.
  4. Change the sound output setting on your cellphone from headset output to cellphone internal speaker output.
  5. The problem that may occur is that the radio will release the sound when you hold on the cellphone or the aluminium rolled sheet, but if your hand away from the cellphone or aluminium rolled sheet the cellphone radio will not produce sound. The way to solve this problem are by elongating the aluminium rolled sheet or by tying the aluminium rolled sheet with long copper cable, this action will help the radio to catch radio wave frequency of broadcasting radio station.
  6. The other variation is by wrapping one or more toothpick with aluminium foil and elongate with straw that also wrapped with aluminium foil to help the radio catching radio wave frequency.
  7. If you have a broken headset, cut the cable of the headset or you could leave a short cable on it to get better radio wave catching, and plug it to the cellphone. This action will make light of your work without aluminium rolled sheet, and also the result will be better.

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