How to Install the LibreOffice Android Remote in LibreOffice Impress Version 4.0.1

Welcome to This is one of LibreOffice feature that will make your presentation more impresive to the audience,  because you could control your presentation slide remotely using your android gadget. Now, you could collaborate your android gadget with your LibreOffice Impress on your presentation. Using this feature, you could optimallize your android gadget as your helping tool to support your performance. By controlling your LibreOffice Impress remotely using your android gadget, you could save your money to buy convensional remote tools. Here you are how to install LibreOffice android remote

Upgrade or make a new installation your LibreOffice to 4.0.1

LibreOffice Android Remote already supported and a lot of user tested it in Linux but less tested in Windows and Mac. Now it could be said that almost all system/platform already supported. Since LibreOffice is an opensource project so you could help the developer by reporting bugs that you may encounter on your platform.

Pair the android gadget with the laptop/netbook

The easiest way to do that is by using  android bluetooth settings menu of your laptop/netbook at the Linux bluetooth settings if you use Linux.  You could do the same procedure on Windows or Mac bluetooth settings. Try to enable the bluetooth at your laptop first.

Enable/activate remote control at the LibreOffice Impress

after starting the LibreOffice Impress, click Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice Impress -> General and then click on Enable remote control so it’s checked in front of it. If you don’t find the option on on the previous sentence, then you may not using 4.0.1, you should download and install LibreOffice 4.0.1

Install LibreOffice Impress Remote on your android gadget/mobile device

You could get the LibreOffice Impress Remote in the Android Play store. Install it on your android gadget/mobile device. If you don’t find LibreOffice Remote at the Android Play Store, it may your Android operating system is too old. LibreOffice Impress Remote require minimum Android 2.3+ – Gingerbread.
Enable your android gadget/mobile device’s bluetooth and open the Impress Remote. Find your laptop, select it, and find your LibreOffice. Ok, enjoy your presentation.
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