How to Install Rosetta 3.4 in Ubuntu Linux

Here are some mini guide for installing Rosetta 3.4 in Ubuntu Linux 12.04.1 (Precise Pangoline), and maybe same or a little bit different with other Linux flavor. Why do I write this text? because my biomolecular laboratory friend ask me to help her installing Rosetta 3.4 in her Ubuntu Linux 12.04.1 (Precise Pangoline), for documenting the installation process and also for facilitating me for the next time installation if I forget the steps, and this text may help someone else in installing Rosetta 3.4 so I post this text in this blog. Ok, here are the steps:

  1. Make sure that Scons already installed in Linux Ubuntu, How to check it, type scons –version and press enter on your console/command prompt
  2. You should be root or other system user that equal to root
  3. If your scons was not already installed, you should install it before installing Rosetta 3.4, to install scons, type sudo apt-get install scons and then press enter, make sure that there were no fail or error message in the installation process
  4. Change your directory to rosetta3.4/rosetta_source (the directory that containing a lot of file for the Rosetta 3.4 installation) and after that execute the command scons bin mode=release and make sure the installation process is smooth and without any error message
  5. Try to execute a protein analysis  such as using AbinitioRelax.linuxgccrelease command or cluster.linuxgccrelease command with all of the parameter
  6. If there an error message such as bash: rosetta_source/bin/AbinitioRelax.linuxgccrelease: No such file or directory so try to change the properties of the file to Allow executing file as program and repeat again to command

Happy protein structure prediction, I hope your research will get the best result. Warm greet from me as always…