How to Install, Activate, and Use the OpenLayers Plugin in Quantum GIS

Welcome to Once in while, we need to add an earth surface layers come from google, yahoo, bing, etc. for our geospatial project in Quantum GIS. In my previous posting, I write about how to add google map layer on QGIS using Google Layers plugin. Unfortunately, the Google Layer plugin has not been updated yet and you will encounter an error message when you install the plugin in the newest version of Quantum GIS. But don’t worry, you still could add to your Quantum GIS the earth surface layer from many provider for free (Google maps layers, OpenStreetMap layers, Yahoo maps layers, Bing maps layers, Apple iPhoto maps layers, etc.) with OpenLayers Plugin. First, you should install the OpenLayers Plugin, here you are how to install OpenLayers Plugin on your Quantum GIS (in this tutorial, I use Quantum GIS 1.8.0 – Lisboa):
  1. Chose/click Plugins on menu bar
  2. Chose/click Fetch Python Plugins
  3. Wait until Quantum GIS finish checking all of the repository
  4. On the Filter, type OpenLayers
  5. The OpenLayers Plugin will appear in the list
  6. Chose/click the OpenLayers Plugin in the list so it will highlighted
  7. Chose/click Install plugin button in the bottom right of the window
From here, You have already installed the OpenLayers Plugin on your Quantum GIS, but the plugin is not yet activated. Here you are how to activate the OpenLayers Plugin on your Quantum GIS:
  1. Chose/click Plugins on menu bar
  2. Chose/click Manage Plugins
  3. Scroll down and find the OpenLayer Plugin
  4. Chose/click the OpenLayers Plugin
  5. Make sure the OpenLayers Plugin already signed with cross (X)
  6. Chose/click OK
From here, you have already activate the OpenLayers Plugin on your Quantum GIS. Now you could use the OpenLayers Plugin by:
  1. Load your layers first, because the services are expecting a request in latitude/longitude, and your layers have to be geographic, or you could activate on the fly projection
  2. Chose/click Plugins on menu bar
  3. Chose/click OpenLayers Plugin
  4. Chose/click what layers you want to add to your project
  5. You could also chose/click on OpenLayers overview to help you view the overview of the layers. And if you satisfy with the overview, you could chose/click Add map button
Thank you for visiting I hope you will always be in a good condition on your productive activity. Happy mapping and have a nice day!.