How to Get the Best of Using KeepNote in Daily Productivity

Welcome to Today I’d like to give some opinion about KeepNote (KeepNote review). KeepNote is my note-taking application, I use it in my daily taking note, because it’s simple and powerful. KeepNote is an opensource application licensed under GPL for helping me to store my ideas, raw material for my research activities, journal material, paper preparations, and many kind of my notes. KeepNote extensions (plugin) also available if I want to do some special task.  KeepNote coded in Python and PyGTK so it will be easy to port KeepNote in many platform (cross-platform and portable) such as Linux, Windows (7, Vista, XP, Win2000), keepnote for Mac OS/X and possibly other platform as well.

KeepNote is simple and come with hierarchical format, and you will be satisfy with rich-text formatting, indentation such as left align, center align, right align, and justify align, bold, italic, underline, bullet list, fonts. We could also catch what ever happen on our screen instantly as image by screen shoot using Insert Screenshot by clicking Edit in the menu bar then chose Insert Screenshot or by using keyboard shortcut by pressing Ctrl + Insert (integrated screenshot system), this is better than we do it manually using printscreen then paste is in Paint or other image editing application then paste it again in our note.

KeepNote also come with full-text search feature that will help me to find some word or some phrase in a text. Spell Checking also available in KeepNote, so nothing to worry about making some slip typing when I make a draft of document in KeepNote. File attachment feature help me to attach a file such as doc, xls, jpg, pdf file in my note so I will not be panicky if I need them quickly. KeepNote also featured with autosave, this feature help me to keep my note will note lose if I forget to save it. KeepNote have a built-in back up and then restore and also save it in zip file as archive. KeepNote store my notes in simple and very easy to manipulate file, because KeepNote store my archive in html and xml format. KeepNote also come with extension or plugin system, it will help me to customize and personalize my KeepNote.

The archive of KeepNote is stored in separate/different folder as HTML format. We can take advantage of a file syncing application such as Dropbox and also combined with the KeepNote in portable version when you use your KeepNotes from many Personal Computer or any laptops/notebooks. This method will help you always update with your notes.

KeepNote is authored by Matthew D. Rasmussen, Ph.D, a scientist who study about comparative genomics, phylogenomic algorithms, phylogenetics and population genetics. He is now a postdoc in Adam Siepel’s lab at Cornell University (based on his personal web).

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