How to Fix Pidgin Facebook Unable to Connect Using Purple-Facebook Plugin in Windows 7

I used to use pidgin to chat using facebook protocol but a few month a ago facebook stop their XMPP support (Facebook XMPP), I can not login to facebook chat using pidgin anymore. There’re some problem such as pidgin facebook unable to connect, pidgin facebook chat not authorized, pidgin facebook closed connection, pidgin facebook chat unable to connect, and other problem. I’m a fans of pidgin, I used it as my tool to chat using many kind of chatting protocol in one application. You can login to Yahoo messenger, facebook chat, google talk, IRC, ICQ, AIM, etc. in pidgin.

Fortunately, there is a solution to use pidgin for facebook chatting recently. I find a new plugin that make me able to chat in facebook chat using pidgin. The name of the plugin is purple-facebook. You can find the plugin in

Facebook stops their support to XMPP service. These plugin (purple-facebook plugin) take over Facebook XMPP plugin. Purple-facebook plugin makes some pidgin fans able to use their pidgin to connect to facebook in order to chat with their facebook friends.

I use pidgin in windows operating system (Windows 7). So here is how to make your pidgin able to login to facebook in windows 7,

  1. Download libjson-glib-1.0.dll file from
  1. Put the libjson-glib-1.0.dll file to C:\Program Files\Pidgin
  1. Download libfacebook.dll file from
  1. Put the libfacebook.dll to C:\Program Files\Pidgin\plugins
  1. Restart your pidgin to make the plugin works. You can restart pidgin by closed pidgin (Buddies -> Quit or by pressing Ctrl + Q on the keyboard) then open your pidgin.
  1. You should modify your existing account configuration in pidgin or you can make a new account configuration in pidgin. You can go to Accounts -> Manage Accounts or you can use Ctrl + A shortcut on keyboard
  1. You should change the Protocol to Facebook (NOT Facebook (XMPP))
  1. You can fill the Username with your phone number (if you add your phone number to facebook), your email, or your facebook username
  1. You should remove (it was used in previous Facebook (XMPP) protocol)
  1. Click Add

You may find that the plugin does not work on windows. If this happen, make sure you put the libjson-glib-1.0.dll and libfacebook.dll in a correct directory. If you had libjson-glib-1.0.dll to support other plugin (skypeweb, etc.), you are be able to change it with this file, because they are compatible.

Thank you for visiting, enjoy your life, be productive with your project and happy chatting!