how to enable telnet on windows7

When first time you use your default windows 7 and you try to connect to your computer or to another computer by using telnet program, you will not be able to perform such action, because the default windows7 is disabling the telnet client and the telnet server. You should activate the telnet client and telnet server before you connect to other computer or to your computer by telnet connection. If you want to activate it, you could activate via the command line prompt or via the control panel. Here are some some steps to enable telnet on your windows7:

1. Telnet activation from command line prompt:

  • Click on Start button and type CMD in the Search
  • Right click on the appear CMD and choose Run as Administrator option
  • Enter the administrator password when prompted
  • Then type pkgmgr / iu: “TelnetClient” then press enter to enable the telnet client
  • Then type pkgmgr / iu: “TelnetServer” then press enter to activate the telnet server


2. Telnet activation from panel control:

  • Click on Start then type appwiz.cpl in the search
  • Click Turn Windows Features on or off from the right panel
  • Find the Telnet Server and Telnet Client, then click on the box to give check symbol
  • Click OK and reboot your windows7 if required

For some securities reason, you could just activate your telnet client or telnet server based on your requisite. Don’t activate it if you don’t use it on your daily activity.