How to Change Pidgin’s Emoticons Using Third Party Smiley Themes

Pidgin is a powerful internet messenger that support many chat protocols. I like Pidgin because it is light weight, consuming small amount of RAM (Random Access Memory), and simple clean no clutter graphical user interface. Pidgin comes with a lot of utilities and plugins to make it more functional. Pidgin give a lot of choices and customization to the users. In this post I want to share about how to change Pidgin’s Emoticons Using third party smiley themes. The Pidgin developer provides for us more than one smiley themes package so we could change the default smiley themes emoticon to another.

  1. Download the smiley themes (emoticon) package that you want to add to your Pidgin at
  2. If you are using Linux family, extract the compressed downloaded file to /home/user/.purple/smileys/ or /home/.purple/smileys or other directory scheme based on your Linux style.
  3. If you are using Windows, extract the compressed downloaded file to C:\Program Files\Pidgin\pixmaps\pidgin\emotes\
  4. Open your Pidgin, or if it already run so you need to restart the running Pidgin
  5. Click Tools, then Choose Preferences, choose Themes, and then at Smiley Theme drop down menu choose your preferred smiley theme emoticons, then click Close
  6. Congratulations, now you have a new smiley theme emoticons.
  7. You can add another smiley themes emoticons from using the same method. And if you want to activate/change your preferred smiley themes emoticons you can do it from Preferences menu.

Now you could change smiley theme emoticons if you bored with current one. Remember, this kind of smiley only affect on a computer that already given the same smiley themes emoticons. If you want to use the smiley themes emoticons optimally, your chatting partner need to install and activate the same smiley themes emoticons.