How to Change Page Setup in LibreOffice Writer

Some of new LibreOffice Writer user will be confuse when they want to change page’s margins, size, header, footer, columns, footnotes, etc. Perhaps they will try to open File dropdown menu and try to find Page Setup menu since they were familiar with Microsoft Office Word. So, how to change page settings in LibreOffice Writer? Here you are:

  1. Changing the page settings, go to Format menu, and then chose Page

  2. After that, there will be shown a popup dialog box, you can choose what do you want to change under their respective tabs (Organizer, Page, Background, Header, Footer, Borders, Columns, Footnote, and Text Grid).

Another keyboard shortcut to open Page Setup on LibreOffice Writer is pressing Alt + O + P, some time keyboard shortcut will save your precious time.

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