How To Change Page Setup in Abiword

In this post I will try to give you some tricks on how to change page setup in Abiword. It’s a little bit different from Microsoft Word on how to change page setup. But don’t worry, just do the following step and you’ll be able to change the page setup in Abiword. And of course you can find a lot of other tips and tricks on how to use Abiword in other post of, enjoy them.

Abiword is a simple and powerful word processor. I have used Abiword on my creative writing productivity. I like simplicity and no clutter on my writing process. So I can be focus to my work. Abiword comes with its beauty and accordance to my need. Ok, you may new to Abiword and you are not so familiar with it. Don’t worry my friend, provide some tips and tricks on how to use Abiword without pain.

Here is some steps to change page setup in Abiword,

  1. Click on File
  2. Chose or click on Page Setup…
  3. After that, there will be shown a window that contain the configuration of page setup. There are two menus, Page and Margin. You can set your paper size and orientation in Page menu. You can change measurement unit, top margin, bottom margin, left margin, right margin, header and footer in Margin menu.
  4. Click OK

The keyboard shortcut to open Page Setup menu on Abiword using the keyboard combination of Alt + F + U. The keyboard shortcut will help you to open Page Setup menu without moving your finger from keyboard to touch your mouse. It will give you extra speed to perform your action.

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