How to Boost LibreOffice Startup

Some people complaint about the slowlyness of the LibreOffice loading in startup although in high specification computer. It’s very annoying when we need to accomplish some project as soon as possible or when we get an idea for our creative work but the LibreOffice open slower than snail. But don’t be desperate my friend or furthermore commite suicide because of this problem. Let’s try the following trick to boost LibreOffice startup :

Open LibreOffice and click menu Tools then click  Options. At the Options window, choose Memory at the left pane and try to change each values as follows,

Number of steps: 20
Use for LibreOffice: 256 MB
Memory per object: 50 MB
Remove from memory after: 00:05 hh:mm
Number of objects: 20

After that, choose View at the left pane and try to change some item as like here:

Show preview of fonts: uncheck/unmark
Use Anti-Aliasing: uncheck/unmark

After that, choose OK and how do you feel now? thanks for visiting, and have a nice day…