FocusWriter Review by Ordinary User

Ok, will give FocusWriter review in this article. FocusWriter is a distraction free writing software. There are a lot of distraction free writing software out there, but FocusWriter has something different from others. If you try find a distraction free writing software, you will need to read this FocusWriter review from, here we go,

FocusWriter is a Free and Open Source Software. It’s mean that you can have freedom on using FocusWriter. You can install FocusWriter to what ever machine you have, you can give FocusWriter to your fellow friends, you can edit the source code of FocusWriter since it’s open source, you can be able to know how your distraction free writing software work, and many other kind of freedom as long as you don’t break the GPL license.

FocusWriter can save your writing in a lot of format files such as docx, odt, rtf, and txt. FocusWriter can also give basic formatting to your texts such as underline, italic, and bold. By using this feature, you can give basic formatting directly to your text. It means that you will not need to give more editting for your texts in other word processor software such as Abiword, LibreOffice Writer, OpenOffice Writer, or Microsoft Word. A lot of distraction free writing software can just save your writing in txt (text) files, so you need to edit your writing once more in word processor software.

Do you want to write in type writer sensation? FocusWriter can give you such kind of sensation. You can activate the FocusWriter typewriter sound. Because sometime we need a little bit old school sensation such as writing in typewriter. That’s Ok, you can do what ever you want to do to increase your writing productivity. Be happy, FocusWriter can accommodate typewriter sounds effect.

FocusWriter also give you word count on how many word you have typed and daily goals so you can trace your progress on your writing. FocusWriter also give you option to change the themes. FocusWriter come with four default themes such as Gentle Blues, Old School, Space Dreams, and Writing Desk. You can make a custom themes for your FocusWriter or you can also import themes for your FocusWriter.

FocusWriter provide Timers and alarms. You can use them in your productivity process. Perhaps you need to write in a given of time without stopping so you can use the timers and alarms feature.

FocusWriter provide Auto-save (optional) option. You don’t need to worry for losing your work because of some accident. You may write in a battery drop laptop so it can not provide you some electricity power back up, The laptop directly get the power from the electricity wall. Don’t worry to lose your work because FocusWritter will automatically save your work and a period of times.

FocusWriter provide Multi-document support. You can open a lot of document in one FocusWriter. You can go to other document easily in one screen of FocusWriter. This feature will help you when you need to compare more than one document easily.

FocusWriter provide Spell-checking (optional) option. So you can directly check your writing whether there are wrong spell-checking or not. This feature will give you more choice to edit your texts without using other word processor software (Abiword, LibreOffice Writer, Microsoft Word, etc.).

FocusWriter is a multi platform software. It means that you can run FocusWriter on a lot of Operating Systems. You can run FocusWriter in Linux (Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu), Windows as installed program or as portable program, and Mac OS X. Do you use another operating system? don’t worry and be happy, FocusWriter’s Source Code can still be installed to your system with a lot or a little bit modification or configuration in the software compiling process.