FocusWriter Change Fonts and Change Width

This article is for you who first time in the using FocusWriter for your writing productivity. You may find a trouble and don’t have any idea on howt to change Fonts and how to change Width in FocusWriter. But don’t worry and be happy, will give you the solution for your problems in changing the Fonts and width in FocusWriter. Don’t think to much to change them, but keep thinking for your writing. Ok guys, here you are on how to change fonts and width in FocusWriter.

In FocusWriter (FocusWriter 1.5.4) we can change fonts and change width in themes option. You can edit the current theme by making the duplicate of it. At the duplication themes you can make a suitable theme for you that the fonts and width is customized by you. You can follow this guide:

  1. Bring your mouse pointer to the top screen until the tool bar menu appear
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click/chose Themes until the themes option appear. Or you can Click on a pallet painter button directly on tool bar to open Themes option.
  4. Click/chose a themes that you want to edit. Or you can make a new theme here.
  5. Click duplicate
  6. Click edit
  7. You can change the name of your current theme
  8. You can change Font
  9. You can Change Width by editing the combination of “Text Background” section and “Margins” section
  10. You can customize everything that have correlation with Themes here (Text color, text font, text color when misspelled, Window background color, window background color image, text background color, text background opacity, Text background position, Text background width, line spacing, paragraph spacing, etc.)
  11. Click Ok

and now you can do what ever you want with your FocusWriter themes. The themes of your FocusWriter will give you some inspiration or power for your creativity process. You can try to find what ever kind of setting of your themes that increase your mood for writing. I hope this will help you to customize your FocusWriter. Have a nice day.