Extracting Text From Images and Scanned Documents by 4 Simple Ways

Once in a while when you want to extract some text from images file such as from a scanned document or scanned PDF file you may confused. Don’t be confuse, just choose the following 4 simple way here:

1. Converting by a free software tool Gttext

An open source tool that run on windows (32bit and 64bit), a simple to use tool, that have a given name Gttext. Gttext can accurately convert text from popular image files (JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF). The text that already copied can be pasted on any text editor. Download the Gttext, than run Gttext and chose your image file to open. Then, click “copy image text” option from the toolbar menu then you’ll face a popup window that shows text from the image. If you satisfied with the result, click “Continue” button to copy the text to clipboard. If you are not satisfied, click “Try Again” button until you are satisfied with the converting result.

2. Converting by microsoft OneNote

You also could extract text from image files by using Microsoft OneNote and usually comes bundled with Microsoft Office. Run the program than drag and drop an image file to the program, then right click on the image and choose “Copy Text from Image“. After that, you should paste the text into any document editor or in OneNote it self.

3. Converting by Google Docs

Google also provide a service to extract text from a scanned document or image file. Go to docs.google.com then log in with your google account. Click “Upload” button and choose an image or PDF file to upload. Check the box “Convert text from PDF or images files to Google Docs documents” and then click “Start Upload” button. When the uploading process finish, click the uploaded file then it will open the extracted texts in the google doc editor. You could save or edit the texts from the editor.

4. Converting by Free Online OCR Service

There are a lot of free online services for extracting text from image files. One of them is OCRconvert.com that a free online OCR service and will extract text from PDF or scanned images files. Upload your file, it will process the file and will send the results back to you. You could either download the text in word document or online copy and paste.

For all of the converting methods, there are several chances for getting errors in the converting results, so you need to edit them manually, it’s still better than you type all of the text manually.

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