Customizing Toolbars in LibreOffice Writer

In different writing condition, sometime we also need some different tools, and some of us also want to make a simple interface by only some important tools that we always use it in our writing activity. LibreOffice Writer give us a chance to customize our toolbars as far as we want to do that. We can customize toolbars in several ways, such as choosing which icons are visible, locking and unlocking the position of a docked toolbar, adding or removing icons on a toolbar, and even create a new toolbars. How can we do that? Here you are:
To show the toolbar customization dialog, do one of the following action:

  • On the toolbar, click the arrow at the end of the toolbar and click Customize Toolbar
  • Click View –> Toolbars –> Customize from the menu bar
  • Click Tools –> Customize from the menu bar and go to the Toolbars page

Ok, now you could do some toolbars customization. You could modify existing toolbars, add a command to a toolbar, choose icons for toolbar commands, create a new toolbar, etc. You could do what ever you want to do with your LibreOffice toolbars. Have a nice day!