Abiword Review: Is Abiword Save? Here is a Confession of an Ordinary Abiword User

This article will be containing Abiword review based on the author of technotiptrick.com. Abiword provides basic capabilities feature of a word processor. Abiword don’t have as much as feature compared to LibreOffice Writer or Microsoft Word. For some people, including me that don’t need a full features of a word processor software, the minimalist Abiword mean that it will increase the loading speed, consuming less computer resource (CPU, memory, etc.), and no distraction clutter that slow down the creative writing work process. Compared to other sophisticated word processor software, Abiword is like a stone age software, but it is also the benefit that some people chose it and love it very much.

Recently there are a lot of information around us. Some of us already aware of it and never want to be distracted by the unnecessary information that will crush our focus. They also already think to eliminate some unnecessary matters and make all of them in a simple entity. The jargon will be “simple is beautiful”. In this kind of paradigm, some simple but powerful tools/software such as Abiword will be meaningful and suitable to be implemented.

Is Abiword safe to be downloaded and used? It’s like a lot of other free and open source softwares that safe to download and install to your windows or linux operating system as long as you download it from a trusted place repository or download center. If you hesitate to download Abiword from an untrusted place for download, you will need to download Abiword directly from the authorized Abiword web site such as from a place like abiword.org/download that provide installation files both in Microsoft Windows and in Linux. If you are an expert in programming language or in software engineering, perhaps you will need to improve Abiword or customize it so you’ll need to download the source code of the abiword that also available at that place.

Long time ago I had a problem that Abiword can not open or edit the docx files. But it’s not a big deal for me now. After upgrading my Abiword installation to the newer one, I found no problem anymore in the opening, editing, and saving my documents in the docx files. So I thought it was just a matter of update to new version requirement. So based on my experience there’s no trouble anymore on Abiword and docx.

Over all, I’m very satisfied using Abiword in my creative writing process. Yes, I really really like the light weight and fast application software just like the Abiword.  But yeah, I should admit honestly that I’m still using LibreOffice Writer or Microsoft Office Word when I need to make or edit a complex documents such as writing thesis in academic writing. Perhaps the complexity will also need the high CPU usage and high memory consumption, or I am wrong.

And now your time to try using Abiword. I have given a personal and subjective Abiword review based on my experience. I hope Abiword will help you in the writing and editing your documents in the daily productivity. And I also hope you’ll be success in your process to achieve your goals in this life. Have a nice day my friends.