A Simple Way to Make Table of Contents in LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a powerfull wordprecessor with a lot of capability. LibreOffice could solve from a simple problem to a complex problem. If you are writing a complex documents, you may need to make a table of contents. Wow… table of contents?, don’t think so hard and painfull, it may create a complex image, but it’s not like what you think. How to make a table of contents? here you are:

  • Click using your mouse in some place at the document that you will make the table of contents
  • Click Insert
  • Chose Indexes and Tables
  • Chose Indexes and Tables
  • chose the Index/Table tab
  • Chose Table of contents at the Type box dropdown menu
  • chose any options based on what you need after that click OK

If you make some change in the document that must be reflected in the table of contents, you must update the table of contents by:

  • click Tools
  • choose Update
  • choose All Indexes and Tables

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