How to Get Back to the Old Style Google Image Search

For you who already enjoy the old style Google image search and displeasure with the new style of Google image search or for you who only know the new style of Google’s image search and want to try the old style Google image search, here you are, the trick to switch to basic version of Google image search:

  • Go to the bottom of the search screen
  • Click on “Switch to basic version” link
  • It will hard to scroll down to get the bottom of the search screen, the easy way to get instant access to the bottom of the search screen page by pressing the End tuts on the keyboard (click Fn and Right Arrow on Mac)
  • After you click “Switch to basic version” , you will be presented with old style image search.
  • Unfortunately, this trick will not make Google to save this setting permanently, but using the instant trick to get the bottom of the search screen page will help you to save your precious times.
The above trick will consume your internet bandwidth since it will load a lot of images. Another way to get back the old google images is by inserting &sout=1 after your search query in the address bar. After that, reload your browser and enjoy the old style google images.
Another trick to get old style google image search is by changing the web browser user agent. If you use firefox, you could use an add on named User Agent Switcher. After installing the add on, restart your firefox and then go to Tools -> Default User Agent -> Internet Explore -> Internet Explorer 6. Try to search images in the google images, now you would get the old style google images result.

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